Digital Monozukuri is our way to Open Innovation which is cheaper and faster and opens up opportunities for all. — Dr. Aynur √únal (Founder and Chairman of Board)

About Us

We are a team of professional developers with strong engineering and technical background. With our core beliefs, world class team and performance excellence we partner with clients and bring strong and effective solutions to meet challenges of their critical business process. We have the spirit to produce not only excellent products but also have the the ability to constantly improve the production system and its processes. We deliever the best and cost effective web, e-commerce and mobile application solutions. Check Our Services.


Earthquake Simulation

In this game we have added physics for an earthquake simulation which can contribute to our capability to improve our technologies in disaster management.

Walking Around (Maze game)

Our maze game can be used for a variety of purposes. We can create a museum website, an educational game and even an advertisement using it.

Runner Game

This is our chocolate runner game. It can also be used to contribute to our mission of Games as Textbooks.

Arcade Bricks

Arcade Bricks is a game with bricks and a ball. Play and create the highest score.

Basic Physics

The game shows the use of basic physics.


In this game, a spaceship is controlled by player. Its a simulation and can be used to educational puproses for physics and astronomy,

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide better, reliable and high end digital solutions for:
  • Mobile Health & Services

    More efficient and user friendly!

  • Supply Chain Logistics

    Very orderly and cost-effective service.

  • Interactive Education Services

    Cloud based education. Learn via Games.

  • Mobile Marketing

    Mobile advertising via Games. Competent ways of marketing.

  • Mobile Based Cloud Services

    Cloud solutions are more productive, secure and fast.

Our Philosophy

Digital Monozukuri is about Developing People. We believe that technology is a multiplier not a enabler.

Knowledge is dynamic not static, hence we provide educational solutions via interactive games.

Digital Monozukuri converts the toughest of visions into reality through the appropriate technological and software implementation.

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