As of a report from March 2014, Apple's smartphone iPhone has reached more than 500 million sales worldwide. From year 2008 (when the iTunes App Store started accepting new apps) it is believed that more than 1.2+ million apps have already been submitted to Apple. With increase in the number of users and diversity comes the demand for more applications and services that can serve a better purpose.

When you sit down with your Digital Monozukuri developer for a planning session, it is important to know what your primary service is. For example, if you are a supermarket manager, then your main service is selling grocery items to your community. Your iPhone app has to revolve around that primary service but can improve on it as well. So your app should keep loyal customers abreast of the changes in prices of grocery items, new promo programs that they can get involved in, and even items that are sold on sale or combined with other items for a dual marketing push.

A brilliant idea brings with it the pressure to build on it before someone else does. Digital Monozukuri aspires to help clients with an objective of developing such an idea by incorporating it into mobile gaming on the iOS platform.

So what is that million dollar idea that can help you pursue iPhone Game Development? Let us know and we’ll help you make it a reality.

Project Details

  • Proof of Concept
  • Do you already have a game concept in mind?
  • Flesh out the ideas!
  • Brainstorm with imaginative team
  • Have a capable developer like us who can make your game a reality!